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#1. What is it to Listen?Edit

Sound that proposes music invokes expectancy; and expectancy bathes the possibility of music with the light of attention, with a consent to wait and a willingness to meet. A moment of music accomplishes a tenuous and very fragile consensus within which participants transform what they hear while becoming themselves transformed. A dedication to listening such as this might open a transport into altered states. And conversely, far more than any other predisposition, it’s indifference that’s most capable of dissolving such gatherings, such doings, as music. When cast beyond the reach of caring, musical sounds disperse into incidental noise.

#2. A Paradox around Identifying “What” Music isEdit

#3. What is it that Musicians Do?Edit

#4. “Musician” in Three AttitudesEdit

#5. Structure, Composition and Sociality.Edit

#6. Anthropogenic SoundEdit

#7. PersonicsEdit

#8. Composing from the Inside Out

#9. Composing from the Outside In

#10. Monological and Dialogical OrganizationEdit

#11. NotationEdit

#12. MetacompositionEdit

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