Listing your musical accomplishments and proudest moments helps you discover your musical strengths. Then you'd play on those strengths as your competitive advantages. I learned the underlying principle of this idea from researching best practices for preparing for a job interview. Just as you want to make a great impression for a potential employer, you want to be just as confident whenever someone asks you what makes you a great musician or songwriter. In fact, this concept is illustrated in Lil Dicky's song Professional Rapper , featuring Snoop Dogg. In the music video below, Snoop Dogg is interviewing Lil Dicky to potentially work for a music company.

Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper (Feat05:55

Lil Dicky - Professional Rapper (Feat. Snoop Dogg)


Unearthing Your Musical Gems

No musician, artist, and songwriter is a master in all facets of music. Any artist or songwriter that the masses consider to be one of the best usually possess a concentrated skill in a few areas, are proficient in most of the foreground elements of music, introduced a new or more innovative approach to making music, or exemplified on-stage charisma. You can dominate a niche taste in music simply by focusing on a very small number of musical components, as in certain parts of lyric writing or a special way of playing a piano. You can excel in all of the most essential functions of music relative to your genre (in rap, for example, lyrical abilities, rhyme schemes, vocal delivery, oral rhythm, and the instrumental music are most important). Any of these is a way to capitalize on your strengths.
By writing about any times when a teacher, mentor, industry professional, or organization gave you some form of recognition or compliment for your musical abilities, you may have just realized your strengths. You could also think about what other musicians and music listeners have said about your talent. Ask a friend or trusted critic, who already have an interest in your type of music, to describe your strengths. Their answers could surprise you. Even I can help you discover your strong suit with my music production consultation service . Click here for more information.


Another option is to specify which aspect of music you find yourself most excited about, or which part of music production you enjoy spending the most time perfecting. This could be a clue of where your strength is, or what could eventually become your competitive advantage.

Harmonize with Brainstorming Methods

There are a lot of brainstorming methods that exist to help companies innovate new products or new features of an existing product. A product development team or research & development department of an organization constantly find new ways to stay relevant and competitive with their merchandise. Solo artists and bands can be their own product development specialists by implementing the same brainstorming methods. These methods can also be used to develop a strength.

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