aka Kindle Rashod

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on January 2
  • My occupation is Rapper/Entrepreneur
  • I am male
  • KindleRashod

    Listing your musical accomplishments and proudest moments helps you discover your musical strengths. Then you'd play on those strengths as your competitive advantages. I learned the underlying principle of this idea from researching best practices for preparing for a job interview. Just as you want to make a great impression for a potential employer, you want to be just as confident whenever someone asks you what makes you a great musician or songwriter. In fact, this concept is illustrated in Lil Dicky's song Professional Rapper , featuring Snoop Dogg. In the music video below, Snoop Dogg is interviewing Lil Dicky to potentially work for a music company.


    Unearthing Your Musical Gems No musician, artist, and songwriter is a master in all fac…

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