How to become highly effective Hip-hop dancer’?

Posted: 26th June 2011 by johnfrivaldo69 in Uncategorized


Hip-Hop dancing seems easily but too hard to do.


Dancing is a learning process.

A highly effective dancer’s you should be passionate in dancing, at least you have a background of dancing for you to easily get along with. To become well-versed in HIP-HOP dancing you must follow the following instructions:

  • You must oblige to work out for you to build strength, highly stamina, and flexibility of body, vivacity and lean physique. All of them are basic essential needs of an effective hip-hop dancer. Probably need to perform complicated stunts and acrobatics that are hallmark of hip-hop dancer.
  • Take a dance workshop exclusively for Hip-Hop dancing for you to be familiar in a variety of hip-hop main styles such as; Locking hip-hop, popping hip-hop, breaking/B-boying, lyrical hip-hop and krumping hip-hop.
  • Form a group/dance crew solely with a genre of hip-hop. Have a constant rehearsal. Train with fellow dance crew member, and sharpen your skills in hip-hop dance competition.
  • Watch some movie that can relate hip-hop dancing such as; Dance Flick, Bring it on, You Got Served part 1, part 2 and part 3, Step Up, Step Up 3, Street Dance 3D, How she move, The Streets, The freshest kids and Planet B-boy.

  • Be determined. Highly effective dancers have an intricate life as merely a human being they commit mistakes, rejections, objections and criticisms. Don’t be affective. Best thing to do is, do your best as possibly as you can.
  • Be professional all the time when it comes to hip-hop dancing don’t be heard headed to others.
  • Be aware and keep on update to discover new idea of hip-hop dancing latest style. Dancing is a process of learning.

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