Video transcription service refers to the process of converting the video files into text format. There a number of good video transcription companies providers offering accurate quality video transcription service. Those professional video transcription services provide service by transcribing video files recorded on VHS cassette, DVD, mini DV, or DV CAM They also offer service for webcast Podcast or Streaming Media. .

Video to text transcription is very much essential for a number of reasons. Apart from English movies, films are also made in different major languages like French, German, Russian, Japanese etc. All those movies are transcribed, in order to reach the global audience. Since English is the most widely spoken language, subtitles in English are added to the bottom of the movie clip. This process is simply called as subtitling or simply captioning. This captioning process is very much useful for viewers who are deaf and hard of hearing. Since this captioning can be viewed by all, it is also called as open captioning. On the other hand closed captioning cannot view by all. As the name indicates, it needs to be decoded and then activated. Some sensitive or vital information in video files area kept as closed captioning.

Some top transcription services offers those types of video transcription and captioning service of video content. They employ transcribers, who are proficient in all the major world languages. They also provide service for the internet videos featured in you tube, Reveer, Google tube etc.

The video to text transcribing companies also media transcription service to major television networks, educational organizations, individual producers, and multimedia companies.

Well-known transcription companies accept video files in all major video formats like .avi, .flv, .mpeg etc. With their state of art infrastructure they transcribe the files and deliver with a rapid turn round time (TAT). They transcribe the files with almost 99% accuracy. Those dictation companies have a 24x7x365 customer care support

Those top notch video transcription company provide services in the following areas

Video to text convert

Voice to Text convert

audio to text

Transcribing audio

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