In this time of accelerated evolution, like in every other field, the health care industry has also undergone rapid changes. In Transcription Service The need to create and maintain medical documents for insurance, legal and documentation purposes has gained utmost importance. The advent of electronic medical records and the increasing pressure on physicians to create legally valid and accurate medical documents has increased the importance and usage of medical transcription services.

Medical transcription service is the process of converting audio files containing dictations of the doctor or any health care professional, into text documents. The medical transcription industry is not exactly a sunrise industry as it has been around since the 1960’s. The authorization and insurance claims of a hospital or physician depends almost entirely on medical documents and, hence proper and vigilant maintenance of medical records has become a necessity. The documentation of medical records can be a long, tedious and monotonous process, the kind of work that doctors all over the globe have an intense dislike for. This brings us to the other industry that has been garnering lots of interest of late “The outsourcing industry”.s

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