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Why business associates are no longer the weak link in the healthcare sector!

The healthcare industry is going to have a very busy year ahead! The year is still young but sweeping changes have been made and there is still a lot more in the anvil. The presence of third party medical billing providers is a huge relief to the healthcare fraternity. But data security issues are a gnawing problem and here are three reasons why outsourcing has become much safer and trustworthy over the years.

  • The presence and access to cutting edge technology

The awareness and need, for data security measures has ensured technological advances and platforms, to prevent and control data leakage. Most business associates implement advanced data security techniques to retain their clients and credibility.

Secure FTP access, VPN platforms, integrating their services with the emr of the client and providing encrypted passwords and usernames, are just some of the common security measures taken. There is an added emphasis on the security of the medical data because as opposed to an in house billing team, a minor leak or mishandling of medical data can impact an entire organization instead of just an individual.

  • More manpower can reduce human error risks

As research has consistently shown and proved, data leakage is more often than not caused by human error rather than technological slipups. It can be expensive to hire additional manpower and to support a large team. Outsourcing ensures added manpower as there is an entire concern working on the medical data.

The increased manpower, translates, not just into better quality work but higher level of data security as well.

  • 24X7 services means your data is protected 24x7

Insurance billing services and medical billing associates offer 24x7 services. Strict round the clock surveillance, and the presence and availability of employees at any given time, ensures a quicker and safer medical billing process.
A healthier healthcare industry!
Healthcare providers needn't worry themselves sick about whether outsourcing augers well for their organization. Going by the level of data security offered and strict regulations being adhered to, it certainly does!
With hospitals struggling to come to terms with the major upheavals in the way their medical billing system functions, the constantly changing protocols for Electronic Claims Processing and a million other pressures and bottlenecks faced everyday, outsourcing does come as a welcome relief. And more often than not, a much safer and accountable option for Online Medical Billing and Services needs.

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