UDMA's primary focus is to archive and provide access to hundreds underground dj sets and live performances.  the majority of the sets are hosted by UDMA and are available to download or stream.  We emphasis artists from the south though by no means is this the rule.  Additionally there are interviews both in text format as well as flash video, links, and other various goodies.  Some artists available on the site include: The Hazy Daze, Thomas Sahs, Rob Vaughn, The Lawnchair Generals, Spettro, Jake Childs, Paul Dyne, Dj Jeno, Derrick Carter, The Matrix Crew, Paul Parades, Nathan Stuart, Zach Vizza, Seth Jones, Miles Madea, Diy, Swag, Coy West, Jt Donaldson, Brett Johnson and so on.


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