Studio Manifesto offers advice to Independent Recording Artists and Producers. Our focus is on the following three topic centers:

1. Music Production.

2. Online Music Promotion - social media and Web 2.0 tools.

3. Music Culture - Bridging the gap between production and promotion. Music Production

Drawing from the day-to-day experiences we have producing independent recording artists at our recording studio, Look for great articles and advice on everything from preproduction, to approaching a mix, to reviews of music social media platforms. Online Promotion

• Advice, useful strategies, and action plans aimed at helping indie artists leverage social media through the development of effective web 2.0 online identities.

• Insight and analysis of popular music social media platforms. Every music social media platform is unique – therefore a unique set of strategies is necessary to be successful on any one of them.

• Examples of artists involved with our record label/online promotion business,

Visit for a list of posts and topics.

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