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I was born in Angola, yet, my parents are Portuguese. I "arrived" in Lisbon with 9 months old, so, i feel Portuguese. Yet, i recognise i am curious to know my birth country. English is not my mother tongue, so, i am not an expert in writing in this language. Anyway, perfections isnt the aim here.

So, whats the aim here?

The obvious one, is to pay a tribute to all female singers. Ladies that fill our lives everyday. Ladies that help us to have a happier life. This leads us to the real and main function of bringing Divas And Other Beings back to life: Help people living their lives in a better way, full of meaning, love and friendship.

Since i was a child, i always needed music. It all started with the soundtracks of all the cartoons. Soon, back in the year 1981, my love for "grown ups" music would explode. And, it exploded with fenale voices. Specifically, with Kim Carnes and " Bette Davis Eyes", Juice Newton and "Angel Of The Morning" and Kim Wilde with "Kids In America". These three songs are the first that really marked me at the beginning. And, these three ladies still are a huge part of my life.

Music is life. And this site will always try to relate them. Because, it really is my nature, my experience. Sometimes, what makes me keep going. I repeate; i am not an expert in the english Language. And i am not an expert in music, Yet, trust me, i live music.

One of my dreams was ( is?) to be a Dj. Actually, i am a Clinical Psychologist who loves his work, I expertize in addictions. And, i till think its my function in this life: to help others to be stronger and being in peace with them, others, the world. My other option,was to become a veterinary doctor. Yet, i realized i get easily impressed with animals suffering. Still, i have 2 cats now. And always had animals at home.

For now, please, enjoy the return of Music Divas And Other Beings. In a diferent format. Yet, with more passion, life, music and Divas.



Creator of Divas And Other Beings, since 2009 up and running!


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