We live in a day and age where music is less about listening to it and more about experiencing it.

I AM TUNED UP exists to put the spotlight on entities that are embracing this philosophy. A funky new technology that enhances the listening experience? You’ll find that. A distinguished artist going with the ebbs and flows of the changing industry? You’ll find coverage of that. Rising artists and figures hard at work to build an exciting and unique listening experience? We cover them, definitely. Creative marketing schemes from groundbreaking artists? Of course.

What you WON’T find here:

  1. Reviews of mediocre / half-serious artists – we only review those whom are serious about their craft, and good at it. All the better if they are poised to make a big impact in their scene(s) in the near future.
  2. Copy/Paste press releases (or summaries of them)
  3. Reports on any old band drama / news – lots of sites exist already that report on new record releases, tour announcements, and whose van got broken into last night. We only report on something like this if we feel its relevant to the artist in question’s entire scene or the music industry as a whole.

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