Gravity Halo Collective is part new music blog, part net-label and part artist collective. The site brings together talented independent electronic musicians from all over the world to create a new way of interfacing between artist and fan. Created by Christopher Oldaker in January of 2010, the site focuses on releasing new music, mp3s, albums, videos and interviews by a staple of independent artists that contribute content especially for the collective.



In March of 2010, Gravity Halo begin releasing new albums, as well as re-issuing old or out of print releases by it's circle of artists.

  • "Awakened" by awkward is a 5 track EP originally produced in 2005 and released by Gravity Halo Collective on March 2, 2010 in mp3 format.
  • "Force Fed Funk" by Sendy is a 7 track remastered re-issue of the 11 track 1999 debut of the same name released on Dark Duck Records. The original recordings were edited down to a smaller selection of tracks for a more coherant sound as well as remastered from the DAT originals in full stereo, something that was ommited from the original release. The "Force Fed Funk" re-issue was released on April 6, 2010 in mp3 format.

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