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EMR Medical billing and billing services


EMR Medical Billing and Billing Services

HIPAA compliant medical coding and billing services, you can bank on!

It can be frustrating, dealing with insurance paperwork and waiting endlessly for your receivables. Billing paradise can help you in streamlining the insurance processing workflow of your office. We offer high level of scalability, and have provided a

Expertise in the HCPCS coding system!

The medical coding team, at billing paradise, is informed, proficient and updated on the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System followed and practiced by the American Medical Association. We have a separate team of trained and professional medical coders to provide numerical and alphanumerical codes. We understand the intricacies and complexities of the medical insurance system and provide professional and flawless medical coding and billing services.

Well versed with Current Procedural Terminology Codes and ICD 9 CM database!

Billing paradise ensures that there are constant training and information sessions on the latest updates and developments in the CPT and ICD 9 CM coding database system. This ensures that the medical billing service documents provided by us contain exact codes for the level of medical services rendered, which includes the tests and examinations conducted and the medical history of the patient. These codes are based on and derived from the current procedural terminology coding system.

We also provide accurate ICD 9 CM codes for the oral diagnosis, and medical treatment suggested, for the patient by the physician.

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