• Djlamberto

    DJ Lamberto

    January 11, 2017 by Djlamberto

    DJ Lamberto la mia vita come dj nel mondo

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  • KindleRashod

    Listing your musical accomplishments and proudest moments helps you discover your musical strengths. Then you'd play on those strengths as your competitive advantages. I learned the underlying principle of this idea from researching best practices for preparing for a job interview. Just as you want to make a great impression for a potential employer, you want to be just as confident whenever someone asks you what makes you a great musician or songwriter. In fact, this concept is illustrated in Lil Dicky's song Professional Rapper , featuring Snoop Dogg. In the music video below, Snoop Dogg is interviewing Lil Dicky to potentially work for a music company.


    Unearthing Your Musical Gems No musician, artist, and songwriter is a master in all fac…

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  • Adamsmith111

    Why business associates are no longer the weak link in the healthcare sector!

    The healthcare industry is going to have a very busy year ahead! The year is still young but sweeping changes have been made and there is still a lot more in the anvil. The presence of third party medical billing providers is a huge relief to the healthcare fraternity. But data security issues are a gnawing problem and here are three reasons why outsourcing has become much safer and trustworthy over the years.

    • The presence and access to cutting edge technology

    The awareness and need, for data security measures has ensured technological advances and platforms, to prevent and control data leakage. Most business associates implement advanced data security techniques to…

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  • Adamsmith111

    Video transcription service refers to the process of converting the video files into text format. There a number of good video transcription companies providers offering accurate quality video transcription service. Those professional video transcription services provide service by transcribing video files recorded on VHS cassette, DVD, mini DV, or DV CAM They also offer service for webcast Podcast or Streaming Media. .

    Video to text transcription is very much essential for a number of reasons. Apart from English movies, films are also made in different major languages like French, German, Russian, Japanese etc. All those movies are transcribed, in order to reach the global audience. Since English is the most widely spoken language, subtitl…

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  • Atrmobiledisco

    Each Christmas we produce a Top 5 list of the most popular albums from the UK Chart, aiming to provide gift ideas for different members of your family or friends.

    This year because of the amazing talent being shown in the UK chart we have inceased this to the Top 10 Album Gift Ideas for all the family this Christmas.

    Our chart, in no particular order consists of:

    • Michael Buble
    • Adele
    • Lady Gaga
    • Radio 1's Live Lounge
    • One Direction
    • Christina Perri
    • Florence + the Machine
    • Cee-Lo Green
    • Ed Sheeran

    If you're after some musical inspiration, ideal for your mum then we recommend artists like Adele, Michael Buble and Christina Perri for briliant female vocals and a range of upbeat and reflective tracks too. If you're looking for a slightly younger outlook then go …

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  • Adamsmith111

    Gone are the days when students were said to be the most happiest and care free specimens of human kind. In this day and age students the world over have to face the onerous responsibility of excelling not only in academics but also think out of the box, to have an edge over their peers.

    The Dissertation Transcription service world has opened up new vistas for young and fresh minds and sullen, grey haired CEO’s are slowly becoming a thing of the past. But to get there is a long and arduous journey and students will have to think of innovative ideas to stay one step ahead of the race, as achieving excellence is a necessity rather than a virtue in the job market today. Students who do their doctorates especially will have to cope with an…

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  • Adamsmith111

    In this time of accelerated evolution, like in every other field, the health care industry has also undergone rapid changes. In Transcription Service The need to create and maintain medical documents for insurance, legal and documentation purposes has gained utmost importance. The advent of electronic medical records and the increasing pressure on physicians to create legally valid and accurate medical documents has increased the importance and usage of medical transcription services.

    Medical transcription service is the process of converting audio files containing dictations of the doctor or any health care professional, into text documents. The medical transcription industry is not exactly a sunrise industry as it has been around since th…

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  • Adamsmith111

    In this transcription service era church sermon transcription playing a major role across the United States and United Kingdom. The sermon transcription needed to generate document for the purpose of making evidence and also for the pleasant memories about the prominent sermon conducted by the popular faces.

    iSource is a sermon transcription firm that provides exceptional and cutting edge, sermon transcription to the expecting people in California. Church sermon transcription becoming a major part for the transcribers as well as the transcription service providers.To know more about the visit church sermon transcription services.

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  • Johntfrivaldo

    John T.Frivaldo

    June 26, 2011 by Johntfrivaldo

    Posted: 26th June 2011 by johnfrivaldo69 in Uncategorized


    Hip-Hop dancing seems easily but too hard to do.


    Dancing is a learning process.

    A highly effective dancer’s you should be passionate in dancing, at least you have a background of dancing for you to easily get along with. To become well-versed in HIP-HOP dancing you must follow the following instructions:

    • You must oblige to work out for you to build strength, highly stamina, and flexibility of body, vivacity and lean physique. All of them are basic essential needs of an effective hip-hop dancer. Probably need to perform complicated stunts and acrobatics that are hallmark of hip-hop dancer.
    • Take a dance workshop exclusively for Hip-Hop dancing for you to be familiar in a variety of hip…

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  • Dwilson1707

    save tiger

    September 10, 2010 by Dwilson1707

    The Bengal somebody, or Stag Bengal cat (Panthera tigris tigris, previously Panthera river bengalensis), is a subspecies of cat, initiate in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, and rebel Xizang. The Bengal tiger is the most numerous of the cat sub-species. According to WWF there are near 2,100 Royal Bengal tigers in the manic today, including 1,411 in Bharat, 450 in Bangladesh, 150 in Nepal, 100 in Bhutan, as healed as a find in Burma and Prc.
    The Bengal cat is historically regarded as the product largest subspecies after the Russian soul. The Bengal subspecies P. tigris river is the person beast of Bangladesh, piece at the species plane, the individual Panthera river is the soul cranelike of Bharat.
    The Soldier Wildlife Endorsement Ac…

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  • Seldom party

    Seldom Party

    November 25, 2009 by Seldom party

    The music and musings of an unabashed man

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